Working With the Standard Bank App

Working With the Standard Bank App

With the Standard Bank app you can stay in control of your personal finances with a very convenient and intuitive view of your account. You can see all your financial products in one app, whether you have vehicle finance, share trading portfolios or even offshore accounts. 

The Standard Bank app allows you to view your account details conveniently on your template or mobile phone device, which means that you can manage the finances anywhere, any time. Some of the things that you will be able to do with the app includes:

  • make payments to recipients
  • transfer money between your accounts
  • by prepaid airtime and electricity
  • send money without someone’s bank details
  • withdraw money without a card
  • find ATMs and branches

You can also enjoy features like home loan calculators, TouchID for iPhones, international travel notifications, vehicle and asset finance, as well as insurance portfolios. Enjoy a design-led, intuitive banking experience with our suite of banking apps – giving you control over your personal finances from your favourite smart device.

Create separate dashboards to represent the different areas of your financial life – such as your small business, or community organisations, for example. Manage your finances, on the go, from wherever you may be in South Africa or the rest of the world. With this, the best in smartphone banking, we literally bring your entire financial world to your pocket.

The Standard Bank app also allows you to buy prepaid electricity, Tata bundles, and SMS bundles. You can even do a quick repeat purchases. If you have saved the recipients details and amounts.

This new app makes life much easier for Standard Bank customers and it’s a quick and convenient way for you to keep track of your finances and do all your banking on the go.

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