10 Types Of Social Media And How Each Can Benefit Your Business

10 Types Of Social Media And How Each Can Benefit Your Business

Social media has transformed the world of business. Any entrepreneur starting their own company has to make sure that they find ways to incorporate social media in their messaging efforts. Traditional forms of advertising can be quite costly and social media can be a solution for this. 

It’s essential to have a solid plan for how to maintain any social media plan put in place.  

Even more important however, is making sure that as a business owner, you understand the different platforms. This will ensure that you capitalise on the benefits offered by each, to improve business functioning. 


This is the most popular platform and has over 25 million updates daily from people all over the world. There are 1.5 billion active users monthly. If you want tap into a particular segment of a particular market, you need to understand how the target market uses Facebook. Trends indicate that organic content is becoming much harder to stand out. Video content and images are the way to go. 

Google + 

This platform offers great SEO value. 


Using relevant hashtags is important. There is always the potential that a post will go viral, so you would want to take advantage of increased brand awareness. 


This can be regarded as an online resume. It can be highly useful for generating new business contacts. 


This is a visual platform. Used for business, it can be great for highlighting achievements as well as services offered. 


This is the second largest search engine. It can be useful for uploading carefully curated video content about the brand. 


This is a visual sharing platform with excellent marketing power. 


Specialising in reviews, this platform is excellent for getting feedback from your customers. 


You could use this social media platform to demo products or to increase brand awareness. 


Essentially a Q and A platform, it can be great for driving traffic to your company website.

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