Does Social Media Have A Solution To Some Problems?

Does Social Media Have A Solution To Some Problems?

The simple answer to the question of “does social media have a solution to some problems,” is: yes, without a doubt. 

In addition to making communication easier, it has also been quite the disruptor in a number of ways. 

It’s been quite significant in changing business-customer relations. It’s helped to reduce loneliness in some senior citizens and may have even encouraged some to learn more about different technologies. It’s also helped to reunite some family members who may have lost contact years ago. 

Some social media solutions: 

Complaints by customers 

In the past, customers who had complaints about poor customer service had no form of recourse other than to write a letter of complaint. Then when the call centre industry boomed, it had both pros and cons. For some, it continued to delay the process of dealing the matter.  

Enter social media. 

Customers could simply contact the company directly on a public platform. Brand reputation is often at the top of the list for many companies so it became essential for them to urgently attend to the complaint, suggestions or compliments.  

Facilitates easier marketing 

For business owners or marketing teams, social media has made it easier to reach their target audience without spending too much money. In some ways, it may have also enabled them to get aa better understanding of consumer behaviour. 

Faster News 

The news cycle has completely changed because of technology and social media. Some of the world’s biggest breaking stories were shared on social media first before the biggest news networks could report on them. Agenda setting by newspapers is a thing of the past, as Twitter trending topics drive what’s considered newsworthy. 

Creates Jobs 

In the age of millennials, social media has created employment opportunities for multitudes of people. Creatives have found new avenues to create more brand awareness for businesses, while some savvy individuals are blazing new trails as influencers. 

As with any technology, social media continues to advance daily. Only time will tell what further solutions it will contribute to in the near future.

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