Incred Finance- Meeting all Your Medical Finance Needs

Incred Finance- Meeting all Your Medical Finance Needs

Are you paying cash for your medical procedures? Or is your medical aid unwilling to meet your needs?

Incred Finance is a medical finance organisation that offers loans of between R10 000 and R150 000 at an annual interest rate of between 18% and 28%. Clients have 6 to 36 months to repay. Why Incred Finance?

At times it’s not always possible to access large sums of money to get medical procedures done. You can’t always rely on your medical aid either. This is where it becomes useful getting help from alternate medical finance providers such as Incred Finance.

Incred Finance essentially provides payment solutions for specific procedures not covered by your medical aid or that are out of your financial reach.

The institution provides finance for procedures that cost R10 000 or more. As an Incred Finance client, you will have a reasonable repayment term of 6, 12, 24 or 36 months to repay.

How does it work?

All you have to do is send these supporting documents to Incred Finance:

  • Latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • I.D. copy
  • Recent salary Slip
  • Proof of residence

Your application will be assessed within 48 hours. If your medical loan is approved, Incred Finance pays the doctor/hospital on your behalf. Thereafter a monthly debit order will be deducted.

Which procedures does Incred Finance cover?

Incred Finance offers finance for all medical procedures. This includes:

  • Plastic Surgery Finance
  • Breast Augmentation Finance
  • Liposuction Finance
  • Gastric Bypass Finance
  • Dental Implants finance

Contact Incred Finance by calling 011 262 2385.

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