How to Cancel a Credit Card

How to Cancel a Credit Card

If you have a credit card you’ll know just how convenient it can be. But unfortunately there are times where you’ll need to cancel your credit card. In some cases you simply don’t want to use your credit card anymore and this means that you want to cancel it to prevent you from using it again.

But there are times where your credit card gets stolen, or times when you believe your credit card details have been compromised, and that is when you need to immediately cancel your credit card. If your credit card has been stolen you should phone your bank immediately to have the car cancel as they can be transactions taking place that you may be responsible for. If you don’t cancel your credit card, the bank may be reluctant to refund you.

If you believe that your credit card it also stolen, you should contact your bank and inform them of the details, as well as the transactions of the belief or fraudulent. You should also cancel your credit card immediately to prevent any further purchases from taking place. Depending on the bank you want with you will have a number that you can phone 24 hours a day to cancel your credit card.

ABSA:                                    0800 111 155

FNB:                                      087 575 9406

Standard Bank:                 0800 020 600

African Bank:                      0861 111 011

Nedbank:                            0860 555 111

Credit cards can be cancelled at any time of the night, as this can lead to fraud so it is important to have these numbers handy in case you need to cancel your credit card at any time of the day and night. In most cases they will be a telephone number available on the ATM of the specific bank that you are with.

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