SA Taxi Finance Holdings

SA Taxi Finance Holdings

South Africa’s taxi industry plays an important role in the economy especially considering the fact that majority of South Africans have less income and depend on public transport.It is estimated that this multi-billion taxi industry carries over 60% of South Africa’s commuters. Added to the factor of transportation is the fact that this industry is a source of employment for many people and a source of lively-hood for many households.Credit finance for taxis is therefore of fundamental importance. One business entity making a huge contribution in this regard is the SA Taxi Finance Holdings.

SA Taxi finances entrepreneurs who operate minibus taxis that may not otherwise have access to credit from traditional banks.Established in 2002,this business body is the first financial service provider to focus solely on the taxi industry and understand what you need as a business owner. Whether you want to replace a taxi or purchase a new one,you will be assisted.There is also an insurance provision as well as cash backs.There is 6 Months warranties included on all pre-owned vehicles and when you buy a taxi from us, you have the assurance that it has gone through strict quality checks

To qualify for assistance,you need to be a registered member of a recognised taxi association and operate a viable route,you must have a reasonable credit history,have a permanent address with proof which is less than 90 days old and be in possession of a valid operating licence.You also need to be in possession of a South African identity document,a valid taxi operators license and a letter of recommendation from your taxi association that is not older than 60 days old.

Your insurance needs are catered for through the Khusela taxi business insurance.This insurance cover has been specifically designed to meet your needs as a taxi operator.This insurance cover also includes Instalment Protection, Khusela Business Assist, and Taxi Alert SMS as additional benefits to protect your business.

SA Taxi can be contacted on 0861829448.

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