Telkom Data Specials for Your Office

Telkom Data Specials for Your Office

When you’re at the office, you want to be connected to the Internet for access every day. That’s why you need to work with a reliable service provider to ensure that you not only have a high-speed Internet connection, but also have enough data to support your company’s Internet usage on a monthly basis. 

That’s why you should consider Telkom’s data specials for your office. Telkom has some of the most affordable… Prices available in South Africa and if you already are using their daughter services, topping up is very easy, and so is upgrading your package. You can simply buy additional data from phone, or by logging in online and topping up your services.

You can also choose to purchase and uncapped data plan which will allow you and your employees to use Internet throughout the month without having to top up any additional data. When you run a business, the last thing you want to have is running out of Internet in the middle of the month. So if you know that you have a team that has a high Internet usage, make sure that you an buy uncapped Internet plan for the office.

If you want you can also combine data and voice, and purchase one of Telekom’s bundle packages which can include up to unlimited voice calls as well as unlimited data for R999 per month. This is ideal for medium and large businesses as you never know how much data you will need throughout the month. This also helps you to budget as you will only have one amount to pay every month but you know that your services will be unlimited. As a business, you cannot go without data and voice which is why these packages are so convenient.

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