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It is not a contested fact that a career choice can substantially contribute or reduce ones chances of succeeding in life or even delay someones accelerated progress towards achieving set life goals. While the subject of career choices can be nerve wrecking for many people, it is ultimately a choice they can’t shy away from. Serious introspection, careful planning supported by a good hard working ethic can lead one to a rewarding and very fulfilling career life.

Perhaps this brings us to answering that critical question of what it takes to make the right career choice. The fundamental principle in choosing a career is to choose something that one would picture doing and enjoying without being paid, without getting bored or feeling like you are overdoing it and eventually do for many years repeatedly. This question and groundbreaking answer opens a number of insightful angles such as hobbies one is involved in because many hobbies correspond to what one is genuinely passionate about in life e.g constant drawing as a hobby clearly shows career traits of a graphic designer or architect, what academic subjects does one enjoy and excel in at school is a critical aspect because a particular academic strength may well point to a particular career direction e.g a strong passion for chemistry at school may point to a career in chemical engineering, interpersonal skills and general character can also be a pointer e.g if you are more into taking care of others, consider nursing as a career. While the following factor may not be a career deal maker or breaker, current financial status can also be an important factor to consider in choosing a career because certain careers like being a pilot requires special schooling and this can be quite expensive to finance. Above these established fundamentals is the need for someone to consider career opportunities available in a particular field of work and paying attention to future financial security. In this regard, choosing a career in which one can easily get employed and gain stability is always the best option but even more paramount is getting into a career in which one will be able to gain acceptable levels of financial security for oneself and the family.

South Africa is Africa’s economic giant, it therefore means that the huge size and intricacies of the country’s economy provides various career opportunities and even better paying opportunities for skills which are on high demand. Recent career and salary surveys in South Africa have shown that lawyers, information technology (IT)  experts, doctors, engineers, business and financial experts are among the most sought after skills in the country. Currently, with good qualifications and credible experience, lawyers are on a gross annual remuneration package of between R950,000 to R1,200,000, IT is between R800,000 to R1,400,000 per year, Doctors are on R850,000 to R1,100,000 per year, Engineers are on R750,000 to R950,000 per year, business and financial experts are on R700,000 to R1,200,000 per year.

best jobs in sa

There is nevertheless a word of comfort, for those who are yet to decide on what career path they should take, panic buttons should not be suddenly switched on because very few people right from a young age choose what career path they must pursue, it takes some years sometimes to find the right career path, it’s also not the end of the world if one chooses a career they may not have dreamed of since they were young, there is always room to change careers if you don’t like the one you are in.

From the above, its clear to see that careers are a choice which takes planning, commitment and a promise of unlimited rewards and a fulfilled life for those who make the right choices, work hard and succeed.

best paying jobs in south africa

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