Using FNB’s Online Banking Facility

Using FNB’s Online Banking Facility

If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience, online banking allows you to benefit from a variety of features that really makes your life easier. You can use internet banking on the go, and you can access your accounts from your mobile phone, or even via the telephone by using telephone banking.

With FNB online banking, you have the ability to view your accounts, request statements, make payments to new beneficiaries, transfer money between your accounts, by prepaid electricity and airtime, as well as a traffic fines and apply for new accounts. This means that wherever you are, you can access your banking and make payments, without having to go to a branch or wait to banking transactions during office hours.

Registering for FNB online banking is easy, and you can register online in a few minutes. You can choose to register with your card and PIN number and this is one of the easiest ways to register. Heretics a few minutes and you will be able to use Internet banking and see all your bank accounts in one place. You can also update your personal information online, without having to go to a branch.

If you have to do a payment in the middle of the night, you can do so with FNB Internet banking without having to wait for business hours. This is very convenient and you can add and manage your beneficiaries right from your mobile phone. You can also transfer money between accounts that request statements whenever you need to.

FNB provides banking services to millions of users throughout South Africa, and their Internet banking systems and among the most sophisticated ones available. It’s packed with features, and safe and secure enough for you to do transactions from anywhere in the world.

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