How to Access UBank Vacancies

How to Access UBank Vacancies

UBank has a long and rich history of providing basic financial services to mineworkers and their families spanning over 40 years. Since 1975, UBank has been providing services driven by a social consciousness.

Previously known as Teba Bank, UBank currently employs over 700 people.

Services offered by the bank include:

  • Transaction Accounts
  • Debit Cards
  • Lending products (personal loan, home loan)
  • Savings
  • Funeral Plan products
  • Cell phone banking

The bank has managed to entrench itself primarily within the gold and platinum mining communities. It also aims to educate and empower customers to achieve financial success.

The bank strives for service excellence, by offering competitively priced products within the means of customers.

This institution aims to provide financial solutions for ordinary South Africans – with a special focus on the previously unbanked masses.

By fulfilling some of the UBank vacancies you will be helping the bank achieve its mandate to live up to its motto: “A bank more focused on you,” through its comprehensive range of financial services. Solutions are designed to cater to individual needs.

Some of the products offered by UBank include:


This is a savings option that offers four types of accounts.

Fixed deposits, 32 day Accounts, Grow with us savings, Save Together.


This is a debit card facility that isn’t interest-bearing. Clients can get a debit card upon opening a transaction account with UBank.


This is a funeral plan offered by UBank. To qualify, you must be older than 65 years old and need to bring your valid SA ID and proof of physical address.


Personal Loans are offered with this product. You are able to get access up to R80 000 in finance. Repayments are flexible, offered at between 1 and 60 months.

For any enquiries about UBank vacancies, send an email to

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