SGS Finance, a Lenders Advisor

SGS Finance, a Lenders Advisor

Humanity during the civilised era has achieved its social and economic aspirations by running projects.These projects are run on the back of prudent finance management.Financial management is the process of estimating and justifying costs in order to secure funds,controlling expenditure and evaluating the outcomes.The financial structure of projects,programmes and portfolios takes many different forms but the financial management process is common to all.One business entity leading the way in this regard is SGS Finance.

SGS Finance offers independent advice on a range of areas relating to project finance services to help organisations ensure that they have the right advice on lending,risk management,trade,audit certification and verification.This also includes finance training to support business entities project finance decisions so that they focus on sustainability, social and environmental risk assessment and management.

SGS has a suite of services surrounding due diligence.Technical due diligence,economic due diligence,environmental and social due diligence, risk assessment and reserve evaluation.This firm has the necessary experience and international knowledge to ensure your project is being developed up to the standards you require,wherever in the world you are operating from.

During projects implementation,a client is assisted with construction monitoring,cost reviews,social and environmental monitoring,commissioning monitoring and operational monitoring together with technical and financial risk management,guarantee services and collateral services.

When it comes to need reassurance,SGS Finance inspects,tests and verifys cargo and goods,perform collateral management and help you in the flow of trade documentation.If you are trading materials or commodities,inspection services can help to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for and that both you and your client receive the right quality and delivered to the right place.You can also be assisted with online analysis,PLC based control systems and on-site laboratories.

The above listed services prove why SGS is the world leading testing,verification,certification and inspection company.All industrys are catered for and you can be assisted anywhere in the world.

SGS Finance can be contacted on 0118001000.

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