How to Report Fraud in South Africa

How to Report Fraud in South Africa

There are so many different types of fraud among us and people have to be very vigilant and actively report fraud in South Africa whenever they can. There are many ways to do this and it largely depend on the type of fraud that has been committed.

Cyber crimes

If you suspect cybercrime activity, you can report it to either or to OnTRAC provide a secure platform for importing illegal activities and for obtaining advice on how to identify and deal with the rise in online cybercrimes. This platform. Utilises a support ticket system to streamline incident reports and every support ticket is assigned a unique number which you can use to track the progress and the responses online.

You can also report cybercrimes to the University of Johannesburg centre for cyber security. In addition to their website you can also send your reports to

Other fraud

You can report any other fraudulent activities to the South African Fraud Prevention Service. The pity is proudly South African company is committed to combating fraud across all financial industries by providing a shared database. The member organisations and providing the public a means of protecting themselves from possible identity theft. They have prevented more than R7 billion in attempted fraud since their inception.

You can also report suspected fraud to the SAFPS helpline: 0860 101 248.


You can report any scams to, an independent website for posting scam content online.

Here are a few other contact details to report other crimes:

Threats against Critical Infrastructure – National Operational Centre – State Security Agency
Child Abuse/Images – South African Police Service
419 Advance Fee Scams – South African Police Service – South African Police Service
Phishing – South African Revenue Service

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