What is the Lost Card Number for FNB?

What is the Lost Card Number for FNB?

When it comes to your bank card is definitely one of the most convenient things you ever have with you, as you can pay for anything, anywhere and withdraw money whenever you need to. Unfortunately, this also opens you up for theft and fraud, as criminals steal bank cards on a daily basis.the key is to be vigilant and to report a stolen card as soon as possible. 

If you bank with FNB you can use the FNB lost card number which is 087 575 1111 .You can use this number to report stolen car 24-hour today, and it is essential that you do it as soon as possible to prevent money withdrawn from your bank account.as soon as you have reported your car, the bank will cancel it, thereby avoiding the possibility of your car being duplicated and any further money can be stolen from your bank account.

it can be very frustrating to lose your bank card, as it is a huge inconvenience. You’re left to go to the bank to have a new card issued to you, and you have to make sure that nobody withdraw money from your bank account. It is frustrating to know that someone can steal your money and have for your personal information, which is why you should always keep your card with you can never give it to anyone else to use, not even friends or family members.

Of course you should also never give out your pin number to anyone, and try not to write it down anywhere as you never know when it might get lost. Rather change your pin number to something that is familiar to you, or something that you will remember without having to write it down.


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