Wonga Loan Contact Details

Wonga Loan Contact Details

Applying for Wonga is simple because their unique service is online from start to finish. To kick-off, use the sliders on the home page to decide exactly how much cash you want to borrow and how many days you need it for. They’ll show you the full cost and, once you’re happy, click apply. They’ll then ask you for some personal details and banking information for their super-speedy credit check.

  • They usually provide an answer almost instantly and, if approved, they send the cash to your bank before you know it! That makes them the fastest and most flexible lender in the land.
  • On your chosen date they collect a single payment from your bank account, so you just need to ensure the required funds are available.
  • You can initially request any amount up to R2500 and, should you choose to use Wonga more than once and providing you use the service responsibly, they may gradually increase your Wonga trust rating, giving you more borrowing flexibility if you ever need it. Once you have an account, you’ll find application is even faster next time too!

Short Term Credit

Wonga provides fast cash advances for a few days or weeks. They’ll only lend you money for up to a month and you are always free to pay them back early with no hidden fees.

Unlike some lenders or credit card providers, they won’t keep extending your existing balance or encourage you to make minimum repayments. So please think very carefully before you apply, because they expect you to repay them when you promise to. If you have any doubts or are unsure you’ll be able to do that comfortably, please don’t apply in the first place.

The Wonga loan contact details are as follows:

Phone:                 0861966421

Email:                 za.customercare@wonga.com or za.collections@wonga.com

If your query is related to fraud please email our fraud team at za.fraud@wonga.com.

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