Grovest venture capital

South Africa ranks as the African continents number one economy. The strength of this economy has been achieved by having a healthy and robust public and private sector partnership. The need for capital managers in such an economic environment can not be overstated. One business organisation which has stepped up to be one of the pioneers in this sector of the business is Grovest.

Grovest is South Africa’s first venture capital company incorporated under section 12J of the Income Tax Act. With a strong business focus of investing in high growth, scalable and low capex private companies, Grovest partners with them to provide both growth capital and management support. This partnership allows investors direct exposure to the rapidly growing Venture Capital sector in South Africa while enabling them to write off up to 100% of their investment capital against taxable income. The desired result in this process is to achieve long-term returns greater than those available from investing in a portfolio of listed companies.

Investment portfolios Grovest is interested in should have business models with potential for rapid growth in revenues and profitability, defensible market positions, strong management that holds meaningful shareholdings in their companies, attractive entry prices, opportunities for Grovest to add value and the prospect of exiting with a meaningful investment surplus over a five-year period.

Grovest can indeed be counted on to support upcoming entrepreneurship entities. Grovest can be contacted on 0112626433.

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