Travel insurance checklist

Travel insurance checklist

It is a proven fact that travel insurance can minimise the considerable financial risks of traveling resulting from accidents,illness,missed flights,cancelled tours,lost baggage,theft,terrorism,travel company bankruptcies,emergency evacuation and getting your body home if you die.If you are considering taking out a travel insurance policy,below are some valuable tips worth considering.

1.A good travel insurance policy must provide cover towards the costs of emergency medical and surgical treatment while you are away.

2.Getting you back home in form of repatriation should be clearly outlined in the insurance policy.

3.A good policy must be able to cover you if you have to cancel or shorten your trip.This must also extend to any travel and accommodation costs you have paid and cant use or claim back.

4.You need to ensure that your travel insurance policy covers costs of additional accommodation and travel expenses if you miss your departure flight,boat or train due to situations outside of your control.These situations can be your car breaking down, being involved in an accident or public transport being delayed.

5.A sound travel insurance policy must cover you if your travel plans become delayed due to industrial action,adverse weather or mechanical breakdown.

6.If you abandon your trip and cancel your journey,travel insurance policy must reimburse your travel and accommodation expenses.

7.Luggage is always at risk when you travel.A good travel insurance policy should cover your baggage if it is lost,stolen,damaged or destroyed.

8.A good travel insurance policy must cover you for personal liability cover.This covers you if you are liable to pay damages due to accidental bodily injury to someone or for loss or damage to someones property.

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