Franchise opportunities in South Africa to consider

South Africa is a healthy and viable investment destination on the African continent. The huge size of the economy translates into diverse windows of investment opportunities. One of these is the area of Franchise. There are a number of these brands worth mentioning in this regard.

Nandos – This fast food outlet has 900 stores in 24 countries. With its famous flame grilled chicken and other unique recipes, it provides huge profitable possibilities.

Wimpy – Wimpy is regarded as one of the leaders of fast food business in Africa. Established in 1967, this brand now boasts of 500 stores. A relationship with this franchise should be worthwhile.

Subway – The subway franchise is dotted around the world.Founded in 1965 in the USA, Subway now has 37,000 stores in more than 100 countries around the world.This is indeed a franchise to be trusted.

MacDonald’s -This is arguably the biggest fast food outlets on earth.While the presence of this business has been growing around the world for decades, it only established a presence in South Africa in 1995, this therefore presents a good opportunities to push the presence in many parts of the country where its absent.

Steers – Steers truly lives by its slogan of real food made real good. This slogan is brought to life by the firms ability to use fresh ingredients in its food supply. With history dating as far back as 1960, Steers is a credible and attractive franchise option.

Mugg and Bean – This is an original South African franchise established in 1996 and now boasts of 96 outlets. Coffee served in a comfortable environment is what attracts millions of people to this branch and therefore ranking among the top franchise opportunities in the country.

Spar – Spar is about high quality and competitively priced products. First opened in the country in 1963, it’s a shoppers favourite outlet. Franchise investment in Spar can never be misplaced.

Fish and Chips – Nobody prepares hake and chips better than this outlet. Established in 2006 with current 155 shops and known for affordable prices, there is no limit and boundaries to how far this franchise can go.

Verimark – This franchise specialises in housewares, health and fitness, DIY, automotive, beauty and educational toys.This comprehensive service nature of the business makes chances of profitability so bright. With intense TV and internet marketing campaigns, success will always be associated with this franchise.

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