Will Smart Metering Technology Save You Money Every Month?

Will Smart Metering Technology Save You Money Every Month?

With the rise of smart metering technology, many people have heard about its benefits and how a home owner can save money. Since it reports electricity usage in real time, it can be a benefit to home owners. But will smart metering technology really save you money every month?

What is Smart Metering Technology?

Smart meters are linked to computer systems and are also known as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and support automated meter reading (AMR). Automated meter reading reports the exact amount of electricity used during a particular period, without requiring physical visits to properties by City Power technicians. It is believed that they contribute to billing accuracy, as consumption is monitored in real time and estimated readings will no longer be required.

However, there were recent reports that these meters were incorrectly installed and this has led to major confusion among consumers. The R1.25 billion contract was awarded to Edison Power, which is controlled by Vivian Reddy. These meters have been installed in more than 92,000 household so far, mostly in Johannesburg, and they are being installed in more households too.

Eliminating Estimates       

The main aim of these meters is to provide City Power with a very accurate reading as to the amount of electricity that is used by the particular household. This will eliminate billing it as the correct usage amount will be billed to the consumer every month. Consumers have long since struggled with in accurate estimates that has led to a lot of people overpaying on their bills, with electricity reading being incorrect. The smart meters monitor household electricity usage and reported back to the energy supplier in real time.

If these meters are installed correctly they can provide a huge benefit to the consumers, as they won’t have to worry about receiving estimated bills at the end of the month. Their usage will be accurately reported and this will lead to accurate accounting.


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