Dryk Financial Services

Dryk Financial Services

Finding a financial service provider that offers comprehensive finance product offering is a priority for many individuals and business houses. Research has shown that one of the critical individual or business success factors is keeping tabs on the cash flow.Yet, this activity requires a host of administrative and repetitive tasks that divert your focus and are time consuming.

The solution in this case for many lies in outsourcing this routine but essential function.This results in these matters being handled with expertise, care and reliability. One business concern filling this gap in South Africa is Dryk financial services. Established about 7 years ago, Dryk Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is a business firm that provides accounting and tax consulting services.

Dryks financial services include monthly processing of financial information on Pastel, processing debtors, creditors and bank statements, payroll of all employees on softline VIP, submission of VAT and PAYE returns on a monthly basis, provisional of tax returns, income tax returns, annual financial statements, monthly management reports and workmens compesation services.

Other services provided include BEE certification, estate protection, estate planning, executor of estates, services to companies and closed corporations and trusts as well as pastel sales and support.The insurance category of services offers short term insurance, life insurance and assurance, trip track electronic logbook dealer.

Dryk Financial services also assists its customers in finding property below market value for investors for speculation and finding property below market value for investors for rental purposes.

Dryk Financial Services can be contacted through its website.

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