lmara, providing financial expertise to Africa

The African continent has taken economic and business center stage in the global discourse. This is because of the abundant natural resources that the continent has and the unequaled market opportunities Africa offers to business houses. One business organisation that has tapped into this potential is lmara. True to the meaning of its name which means strong in Swahili, lmara is an investment banking group with its roots firmly in Africa and reflecting the African qualities of stability, persistence and endurance.

By using its in-depth understanding of African markets, lmara accelerates the prosperity of the continent by offering a full range of financial products and solutions for institutional, corporate and high net worth clients investing in Africa. These solutions are offered in form of asset management, corporate finance, stockbroking as well as trust and administration.

The Asset management team which is spread around the continent offers assistance for local and offshore clients, provision of treasury advisory services for companies and also serves as investment managers to various collective investment schemes. Capital finance services focus on capital markets, mergers and aquisitions, privatisation and other advisory services. lmaras stockbroking and investment approach, research, responsive system and extensive African footprint enable the experienced team to rapidly exploit profitable trading opportunities for clients. Trust and adminstration services are offered for offshore foundations, corporate services, trusts and asset protection, funds, accounting, high net worth client services, value added services as well as IT and security.

For first class financial products and services, lmara can be contacted through their online platform.

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