How Many Pick n Pay Smart Points Do I Have

How Many Pick n Pay Smart Points Do I Have

How many pick n pay smart points do i have?

Pick n pay is one of the biggest shops in South Africa. The shop enables its customers to earn points when they purchase at any of its shops. The rate at which people earn points has changed to 1 point for every R2 spent. (It used to be 1 point for every R1 spent.) Points already earned are not affected.

Customers can claim their personal discounts by activating them at the kiosk or on the app. They will then automatically get the discount the next time they buy that product and swipe their smart shopper card.

Once a customer has collected 1,000 smart points (R1 for every point), points can be switched for cash back on the card to spend in store. Customers will also be given usual special offers which are tailored to meet their needs.

The mechanics of smart shopper

  • There are no sign-up fees, no service charges, no admin costs and no credit checks. This is not a credit card.
  • You never pay in; you simply stand to benefit from points and rewards tailored to you.
  • For every rand spent Pick n Pay gives you one smart point.
  • Smart points will be credited to your smart shopper account within 5 days of purchase.
  • Once you’ve collected 1000 smart points, you can switch them for cash back on your card to spend in store.
  • You will also receive unique special offers, including regular smart shopping sprees.

Here are the simple rules

  • You will need your South African ID number or Passport number (for non-SA citizens), whenever you switch your points, change your details or manage your card to safeguard your rewards.
  • Cards must be swiped when you shop or you won’t get any points.
  • The only till transactions that don’t earn smart points are third party payments such as household service bills, traffic fines, tobacco products, PnP gift cards, Lotto, money transfers, financial services, fuel and prescription drugs.
  • You receive points for what you spend, so Pick n Pay will reclaim points for returns and refunds.
  • If you don’t use your account for 24 months, we’ll close it for you.
  • Other terms and conditions apply and can be found in store or on
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