Identity theft in South Africa is on the rise

Identity theft in South Africa is on the rise

When it comes to identity theft in South Africa, it’s not only individuals that gets targeted. Businesses are also being targeted as it is much more lucrative for four states photography business than one individual. Corporate identity theft is definitely on the rise, especially during peak season.

Surprisingly, a lot of business information gets stolen, due to the fact that businesses do not completely destroy documentation. This includes banks, which is how fraudsters are easily able to target unsuspecting customers. Documentation that contain personal details such as identity numbers, addresses and bank account numbers, gives Forster is the perfect opportunity to steal money falsely under someone else’s name.

Corporate identity theft can result in reputational, financial or legal damage for the business, especially when customers begin to wonder how their personal information ever got into the hands of fraudsters. Under the law, businesses have a legal requirement to ensure that the personal information of all their customers and stakeholders remain secure at all times.

Fraud is especially high in peak seasons, which is why businesses and individuals need to be very wary off for during the festive season for example. Businesses need is always destroy all the documentation effectively while consumers need to keep their banking details and the bank cards safe.

It is so easy to be a token of identity theft, especially since your information can be found in so many places and you never know whether every business that has your details work according to strict standards and protect your information like they are supposed. As we should regularly check with your identity is still in place and that there is nothing on your name that they shouldn’t be.

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