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Laurium Capital

The financial sector in South Africa is well developed and comprises of a number of foreign bank branches and offices, non-banking financial institutions (including state-owned development finance institutions (DFIs), smaller financial intermediaries, etc. The proportion of South Africans with access to a bank account has grown from about 33 percent in 2005 to 45 percent in for low-income brackets. Notwithstanding progress, however, significant challenges remain in expanding access to affordable and reliable financial services. One business concern trying to make a serious contribution in this sector is Laurium Capital.

Established in 2008 with headquarters in Johannesburg, Laurium Capital is an independent, owner managed alternative asset manager managing or advising several hedge and long only funds investing in Pan-Africa. The Pan African growth theme combined with Laurium Capital’s skills in stock selection, disciplined portfolio construction and risk management processes, delivers superior risk adjusted returns over time. Lauriums product offering is divided into Hedge Funds(ZAR), Unit Trusts(ZAR), Hedge Funds(USD) and Africa Long Only.

Under Hedge Funds(ZAR), you have the short fund and the neutral fund.The Laurium Long Short Fund offers investors the opportunity to benefit from a different return driver in the portfolio other than rising stock prices only. Through short selling stocks, the portfolio also profits from stock prices that fall.The Laurium Capital Market Neutral Fund offers investors the opportunity to benefit from a different return driver in the portfolio other than rising stock prices only.

Unit trusts offers flexible prescient fund, this fund will invest in a flexible combination of investments in the equity, bond, money and property markets with a bias towards JSE Stock Exchange listed equities. The fund uses fundamental bottom-up research, with a value bias, to generate a concentrated portfolio with high conviction ideas with a focus on stock picking.

Hedge Funds are offered in form of Chobe Sub-Saharan Long Short Fund and the Okavango African Long Short Fund. Chobe is a USD denominated long short hedge fund focused mainly on Sub-Saharan African listed equities, but encompassing related strategies in preference shares, bonds, convertibles and other derivatives. Net exposure to countries outside South Africa is limited to 25% of the fund’s Net Asset Value. The Okavango portfolio provides a platform for unconstrained investment in diverse opportunities across Africa. The objective of the Portfolio is to deliver an acceptable risk adjusted USD return, taking into account current market, macro-economic and political conditions, by transacting predominantly in, but not limited to, equities listed on African Stock Exchanges, or those companies who have significant exposure to Africa but are listed on other exchanges.

Africa long only is offered through Limpopo African Equity Fund.This is a long only fund that invests in a diverse range of exciting investment opportunities that exist across Africa (excluding South Africa). The Fund has a broad mandate in order to effectively capture the full range of these investment opportunities.

Laurium Capital can be contacted on 0112637700.

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