MEGA Housing Finance

MEGA Housing Finance

South Africa’s current population of around 52 million is constantly in need of business opportunities,finance for housing,enterprise development opportunities, agricultural support and many others. One business institution striving to make the difference in South Africa is the Mpumalanga, Economic Growth Agency(MEGA).

Established as the official economic development agency of the province of Mpumalanga,the Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency(MEGA) was formed through a merger of the existing Mpumalanga Agricultural Development Corporation(MADC) and the Mpumalanga Housing Finance Company(MHFCo).The objective of this firm is to provide a one-stop development service to business and potential investors alike. Through its Trade and Investment Division, the agency provides a variety of services to potential investors and trading partners.

MEGA’s operational activities of trade and investment promotion, enterprise development and property management have now been broadened to include agriculture and housing finance. The full mandate of this body includes providing funding in respect of property development including the granting of housing loans as well as in respect of approved enterprise and agriculture development focusing primarily on previously disadvantaged individuals. Focusing on project management as well as development and management of immovable property. MEGA also promotes foreign trade and investment so as to ensure enterprise and agriculture development that will significantly contribute to economic growth and development.

MEGA can be contacted on 0139333000

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