What is the Best Bank for Business?

What is the Best Bank for Business?

When you think about opening a new business you should consider where you would like to have a business bank account. Your bank should not only provide you with the benefits your business needs, but also with affordability to help support your business growth. That is why you should choose the best bank for business.       

A few things that you should consider include:

  • the monthly fee of the bank account
  • the opening balance required
  • the ability to add an overdraft to the account
  • the ability to add additional debit cards or petrol courts to your account
  • the ability to transact on multiple platforms

Standard Bank

Standard Bank offers a business account that is easy to manage, and allows you to open it immediately at any branch, the sea statements via e-mail, have access to a variety of service banking channels, and the ability to have access to an overdraft. You can get a MasterCard or Visa business card to use for your daily transactions and money withdrawals.


ABSA offer their business clients from various business bank accounts, depending on their unique needs. They have a classic business account that offers a debit card for your day-to-day with drawers and purchases, unlimited transactions, statements by post or e-mail, one account number for life, as well as the ability to block unwanted debit orders.

FNB Bank

With your FNB business account you can access online banking as well as cellphone banking and telephone banking to allow you a variety of channels to which you can use to do your business transactions. Your business can also earn rewards through their rewards program, simply for doing daily banking transactions and purchases.

You can get a Visa check card issued to your business account to use from day to day purchases and you can link an additional petrol card free of charge to your business bank account. You will receive notifications for every transaction that happens on your business account and you can also apply for an overdraft facility on your bank account.

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