The unique Royal Bank of Scotland

The financial and banking industry has developed and expanded over along period. While the banking industry stands out as a very innovative industry, very few banks would claim to be great inventors but rather users of other firms inventions. The royal bank of Scotland stands as a very unique example because this rich Scottish bank stands out as the first bank in the world to offer an overdraft facility.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was founded in 1727 but only entered the south African market in 2007 following the acquisition of ABN AMRO. RBS specialises in the provision of financing and investment solutions such as debt capital markets, risk management, advisory services, bank financing and investment products.

By using a unique combination of local knowledge and experience gained together with the global network and experience of the RBS group, this esteemed bank is able to offer unique products and services to corporations, financial institutions and public sector clients, this kind of approach to business enables RBS to also tap into diverse investment opportunities in Europe, middle east and Africa.

In South Africa, RBS has streamlined its business into two broad areas of markets and international banking.

The markets wing of the business provides products and services to do with credit, debt capital markets, derivatives, electronic trading, emerging markets, equity finance services, foreign exchange, futures and options, investor products, money markets, prime services, rates, securitised products, structured finance, research and strategy.

The international banking portfolio of the business has a special focus on transactional services such as payables and receivables, liquidity and investment management, international trade solutions, electronic channels and corporates card services.

The royal bank of Scotland is indeed a bank striving to bring royalty to the banking industry.

RBS can be contacted on 0115057300.

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