Cresco project finance

Project finance is a method of funding in which the lender looks primarily to the revenues generated by a single project, both as the source of repayment and as security for the exposure. Project finance transactions play an important role in financing development throughout the world.

This type of financing is usually for large, complex and expensive installations that might include power plants, chemical processing plants, mines, transportation infrastructure, environment and telecommunication infrastructure. One expert business house in this field of work is Cresco project finance.

Cresco offers its clients advice on niche project finance solutions and provides transactional, project development and implementation support outside of traditional balance sheet finance options. This firms purpose is to create and unlock wealth for clients by optimising the funding and financial structuring of projects and by taking advantage of specific commercial opportunities that become available in the market.

Crescos business coverage includes mining network, private equity network and African project access. Mining network has allowed relationships with many of the major local and international mining houses, as well as a number of junior mining companies active in exploration and project development. Private equity network concentrates on the equity market by using connections in venture capital, private equity and grant funding communities. African projects access allows Cresco to participate in panel discussions  with emphasis on project funding and practical internal, strategic and organisational measures for optimising project access in Africa.

Cresco can be contacted on 0126633660.

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