FNB’s Universal Branch Code

FNB’s Universal Branch Code

FNB is one of the most popular banks in South Africa and they are known for their affordable rates as well as their sophisticated Internet banking system. With the right variety of banking products and millions of customers throughout South Africa, FNB is definitely a leading player when it comes to thinking technology and advancement. 

With the ability for customers to make use of electronic funds transfers, he has become essential to have a universal Branch further customers can use. FNB’s universal Branch code is 254005. This means that you can use this Branch). You do an electronic transfer to any recipient, meaning that you don’t need to find a specific Branch code in order to complete the payment.

Apart from electronic transfers, FNB clients have a range of other products that they can benefit from, including cheque accounts, credit cards, transactional savings accounts, home loans, student loans, vehicle finance and more. You can even apply online for these products and save you a lot of time and effort by not having to go into a branch to open an account.

Business Banking

FNB offers their business clients a variety of banking service to simplify their banking needs and make it easier for them to do daily transactions. This includes a variety of business accounts and merchant services, as well as ATM solutions, insurance products and even business loans and overdrafts.

With FNB’s universal Branch code it easy to make payments to various suppliers and creators, making your banking applications much easier to handle. It also eliminates any problems as you don’t have to worry about entering the right Branch code and make sure that the payment is going to the right recipient. That’s why millions of customers choose to work with FNB.

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