Deutche Bank, a Premier Banking House

Deutche Bank, a Premier Banking House

The banking sector in South Africa has gone through immense transformation over the years with many new players entering the market.This critical sector has now reached a tipping point with rapid technological advances enabling all aspects of banking to be conducted online.Customers expectations are also evolving in tandem.It is no longer surprising to see more and more people wishing to transact at their convenience, with information and advice at their fingertips. One institution which has been at the heart of this revival picture is Deutche Bank.

Deutche Bank is a banking institution which offers first class solutions for corporate and institutional clients as well as comprehensive and personalised financial solutions for private and business clients.Its product and service bouquet includes Global Markets-Equities, Global Markets-Debt, Global Banking, Warrants, Waves, Single Stock Futures and Exchange Traded Funds.

Global Markets develops innovative solutions to meet the financing,investing and hedging needs of clients,who are the worlds leading corporates, governments and institutional investors.Global Markets debt has placed Deutche Bank as a leading originator of debt products in the South African market and has played a pivotal role in the development of the corporate market.This therefore means Deutsche Bank is a primary dealer and market leader in South African government bonds and commands an average of 18% of daily secondary market turnover which amounts to between R 250 billion and R 300 billion on an annual basis.

The Global Banking bouquet of products and services delivers integrated solutions to its clients across a wide range of services.This division includes corporate finance products, asset finance&leasing and global transaction banking products. Warrants give investors leveraged exposure to a wide range of underlyings,these range from plain vanilla warrants on stocks, indices up to warrants on commodities and hedge fund products. Knock-Out warrants (Waves) and other exotic pay offs.

Deutche Bank can be contacted on 0117757000.

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