Simple Steps to Do an FNB Money Transfer

Simple Steps to Do an FNB Money Transfer

FNB is undoubtable one of the most popular banks in South Africa and they also offer a variety of banking channels for your convenience. Whether you work with Internet banking, cellphone banking, all via the FNB app, you can benefit from having a variety of banking services at your fingertips.

One of these great features that you can use is an FNB money transfer. This is a very convenient way to send money to someone you don’t necessarily have an FNB bank account. You can send cash to anyone in South Africa with that cellphone number, and the process is very easy.

Here is how you can do an FNB money transfer:

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Select the Payments tab.
  • Select Send Money to eWallet.
  • Enter your One Time PIN (OTP)
  • Select the account you want to Send Money from.
  • Select the amount you want to send.
  • Key in the cellphone number you want to send money to.
  • Click on finish.

This process is very easy to compare it you can send money to anyone with a valid cellphone number, directly from your account. It’s a very cost-effective service and you don’t have to stand in a queue at a branch to deposit money into someone’s bank account.

The person who receives the money and get their cash at any FNB ATM, making it convenient for them to get access to their cash. There are FNB ATMs nationwide and you can send a money transfer using any banking channel, including cellphone banking, online banking, FNB banking app, as well as FNB ATMs nationwide.

The ability to send and receive money so easily is just one of the great features that FNB offers the customer. With all the different banking channels you can have all the convenience of your bank at your fingertips, wherever you are.

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