Umdeni Finance – Premier Loan Broking House

Umdeni Finance – Premier Loan Broking House

There is a high level of demand for credit in South Africa. Statistics show that unsecured loans accounted for 17.8% of growth in the 3rd quarter of 2010. The introduction of the National Credit Act has been a significant contributing factor to economic stability and in the banking sector. Following the recession of 2009, trends indicated that mainstream lenders became less likely to approve loans. Studies show that where access to the formal market is limited via market regulation or through interest rate or fee caps, credit needs of consumers will be met through alternative sources. Characterised by less formalities and fewer complexities, unsecured lending poses fewer challenges for both consumers and micro lenders.

Umdeni Finance has positioned itself as a reliable source of urgent credit finance. Offering personal loans of between R500 and R15 000, Umdeni complements this service with a flexible repayment period. Clients are given repayment periods of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Application processes are quick, convenient and easy, with approval within 24 hours. This gives clients the opportunity to have quick access to cash.

There are minimal requirements for this service. Applicants need to be permanently employed, provide details of the bank account into which their monthly income is paid and present a South African I.D. These options are not made available to those under administration or sequestration as well as those earning on a commission basis. Individuals under debt review do not qualify.

Applications can be done online or by calling Umdeni Finance on 012 348-9146.

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