Yebo Loans – Flexible Loans For Blacklisted Individuals

Yebo Loans – Flexible Loans For Blacklisted Individuals

Port Elizabeth based Yebo Loans, a financial institution established in 2005, offers South Africans flexible solutions for their cash loan needs. 

More South Africans are relying on personal loans to be able to pay for their urgent financial needs. The micro finance sector has provided a range of options for consumers who are looking for personal loan solutions.

Yebo Loans is one of numerous lenders within this industry that are providing individuals with flexible loans tailored to suit their individual needs.

Services provided by Yebo Loans:

  • Personal Loans
  • Cash Loans

How much can you qualify for?

Loan amounts are offered from R5000 to R120 000.

Why choose Yebo Loans?

The loans are unsecured, so there are no securities needed.

Yebo Loans offers flexible repayment terms which give individuals a reasonable amount of time to repay the loans, without placing too much pressure on their finances.

Loan application processes are convenient and simple. You can choose to either apply at your nearest Yebo Loans branch or online.

The loans are also extended to blacklisted individuals. Yebo Loans understands the pressures of not being able to get access to loans because of a poor credit record.  Loans that are granted are based on individual affordability criteria.

Interest rates are flexible.

Once you are approved for a loan, you have the freedom to use it however you choose. If you have tertiary fees to pay, or an unexpected medical bill to pay for, a personal loan may be the ideal solution for you.

What are the qualifying criteria?

  • Have a valid South African ID
  • Be permanently employed for at least 3 months with your current employer
  • Have a valid bank account


Yebo Loans address: 

Commercial Road PicknPay


Port Elizabeth



To contact Yebo Loans, send an email to

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