Capfin Loans at Pep and Ackermans Stores

Capfin Loans at Pep and Ackermans Stores

Capfin is the South African brand of the global Southern View Finance group of companies. The company offers technologically-driven, cost-effective and accessible financial services products and solutions. 

A registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator, Capfin has partnered with Pep and Ackermans to provide quick, simple and smart personal loans.

The maximum loan amount that you can get from Capfin Loans is R20 000. The loan amount that you qualify for is based on your credit profile and payment behaviour.

Benefits offered by Capfin Loans at Pep and Ackermans Stores:

The application process is simple. All you have to do is head to your nearest Pep or Ackermans store with your valid South African ID as well as proof of income. There is no need to stand in long bank queues in order to apply. Applications are completely secure and confidential.

Consultants speak all 11 official South African languages, so you can get assistance in the language of your choice.

Pay –outs are quick. As soon as you have been approved, you can expect to receive the loan amount within 48 hours.

All existing Capfin customers can apply for a loan via CapfinDirect- effectively eliminating the need to spend hours waiting in line.

Capfin 1 month Loan:

This is a new offering from Capfin Loans. The institution boasts that this is the lowest-priced 1 month loan, while it also has no monthly service fees. No interest is payable if the loan is repaid within the allotted 1 month period.

Who qualifies for Capfin Loans at Pep and Ackermans Stores?

  • You need to be permanently employed
  • Have a valid South African ID
  • Provide last 3 proof of income documents
  • Provide a valid cellphone number
  • Have a valid South African bank account

Visit the Capfin website here: or contact them here 087 354 0000

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