Forex with Standard Bank – How it Works

Forex with Standard Bank – How it Works

Standard Bank is one of the major banks in South Africa and they offer various banking services to their customers. But apart from bank accounts and credit options, they also offer the ability for you to enjoy foreign exchange services. Forex with Standard Bank is easy and effortless.

Using TravelWallet

The service is done by using a prepaid MasterCard, they can simply be funded and then used to make ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world. This means that the money will be available to the recipient 24-hour a day, and this feature is also available in various currencies, including Euros, US dollars, pounds Sterling and Australian dollars.

There are various benefits of the service, including the fact that it is a safe way to transfer cash around the world, without having to carry physical cash with you. It also benefit from free point-of-sale transactions with your card, as you will not be charged a transaction fee. There is no monthly management fee if the card is an active, and you can get free online statements which can be accessed from a cellphone.

This card will be valid for up to 4 years so you can use your car for future trips by funding money on the card and saving it up until the travel. You can also make reloads to the cause. While you are travelling abroad, just perfect. In the event that you run out of funds while your overseas. You can simply contact the foreign exchange outlets from with court was purchased so that you can reload the card with more funds.

SMS Updates

But another great benefit of this product is that you get SMS updates to help you keep track of your spending. You will receive a free SMS every time we spend on your card or when you withdraw cash from an ATM, so that you know how much money is available on your card, as well as be notified when there is any activity on your card so that you can be notified of fraud immediately.


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