Rainfin Loans- Efficient, Convenient Loan Marketplace

Rainfin Loans- Efficient, Convenient Loan Marketplace

Rainfin is an online lending marketplace that connects borrowers with cost-effective loans from lenders wanting great returns.

The institution provides access to finance; for individuals, businesses and corporates.

The Rainfin marketplace facilitates direct connections between creditworthy individuals and verified lenders who offer competitive interest rates and low fees.

The South African financial market currently has two main players within the Peer-to-peer lending space: RainFin and Lendico. This form of lending may even hold considerable opportunities for mainstream credit providers.
RainFin was the first of its kind to operate in the South African market. In March 2014, Barclays Africa, through its South African unit, Absa, bought 49% of RainFin.

Rainfin Loans may be one of the smartest ways to borrow and lend money.

Good reasons to consider Rainfin Loans:

Personal Privacy is guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about your information being shared with third parties.

You have the ability to confirm your affordability through the income and expense calculator.

You have access to flexible loans on your terms.

Rainfin Loans are provided with complete transparency and there are no hidden fees involved.

How the process works:

  • Create a profile and complete the quick registration process.
  • Rainfin assesses your creditworthiness and registers you.
  • You upload your bank statements to confirm your affordability.
  • You get a loan quotation which can be customised to meet your needs.
  • You submit the required documentation.
  • Your application may be approved.
  • The loan is published on the online marketplace.

Once the loan is funded, Rainfin issues the online loan agreement for you to sign.
The loan is paid out within 24 hours.

Rainfin collects your fixed monthly instalments and distributes them to the various lenders who provided the loan.

For more information about Rainfin Loans, call: 087 820 5200 or send an email to info@rainfin.com

Visit www.rainfin.com


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