Mercantile Bank – A Portuguese Banking Giant

The Mercantile bank is the only bank around the world that has a segment focus on the Portuguese market. This is because the Mercantile Bank is owned by Caixa Geral De Depositors (CGD) which is a Portuguese banking group wholly owned by the Portuguese government. With a business footprint that stretches over 4 continents and  stable operations in 22 countries, the mercantile bank has established itself as an international financial  force to be reckoned with.

The CGD business focus since inception has been in the areas of commercial banking, investment banking and venture capital, asset management and specialised credit. However because the mercantile bank is interested in satisfying clients and being unique, this esteemed bank has made a deliberate business decision to pay particular attention on commercial banking, treasury and electronic banking services.

With commercial banking services, mercantile offers call accounts, notice deposit, fixed deposits, money market, business savings account. This service is closely aligned with commercial lending services such as commercial overdrafts, commercial term loans, asset finance and commercial property finance.

The treasury wing of the mercantile business focuses on foreign exchange, money market and trade finance with services such as spot market, foreign exchange contract, derivatives, structured solutions, trade guarantees etc.

The electronic banking services focuses on collections, payment systems and data validation and this is where clients can enjoy debit order collection services, non authenticated early debit orders, authenticated early debit orders, account verification services and bank account validation services.

From the above services, its clear to see that the Mercantile is a global financial giant with a dynamic level of service.

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