Woolworths Credit Card Limit Increase Advice

Woolworths Credit Card Limit Increase Advice

Since it first opened in Cape Town in 1931, Woolworths has grown to become a leading retail outlet, offering customers quality products and services.

As a way of offering customers more value and an enhanced shopping experience, Woolworths Financial Services offers various credit cards.

Types of credit card offered by Woolworths:

Black credit card

To qualify for this card you need to be at least 18 years old, with a valid South African ID.  You also need to earn more than R41 666 per month.

You get to enjoy the benefit of up to 55 days interest-free credit as well as a budget facility for 6 to 60 months.

Gold credit card

This card comes with the option to shop anywhere. Woolworths Credit Cards are accepted at 29 million merchants worldwide that accept Visa cards.

The cards can also be used to draw cash at any ATM

Silver credit card

Qualifying for this credit card means earning an annual gross salary of R24 000.

When you apply for a Woolworths credit card, Woolworths Financial Services will decide on your credit limit. You can always ask for a credit card limit increase.

You ca n ask for a Woolworths credit card limit increase by contacting Woolworths in writing or by phone. Woolworths will assess whether you qualify for a credit limit increase or not.

You are also given an option to specifically consent in writing to an automatic yearly credit limit increase.

Woolworths credit card limit increase tips:

  • Don’t ask too soon or for too much
  • Don’t request a limit increase within six months of getting a new credit card
  • Use your credit card frequently and pay it back on time
  • Make sure that you let Woolworths know that you have a strong payment history.


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