Checkers Absa Rewards – Qualify Now

Checkers Absa Rewards – Qualify Now

Checkers Absa rewards

Absa Rewards partnered with Checkers to bring you even more rewarding ways of earning Cash Rewards and receiving special discounts. By making use of these Rewards partners you could earn as much as 20% Cash Rewards when you use your Absa card for point of sale transactions, or qualify for great discounts by simply being an Absa Rewards member.

The rewards facility from Absa is called Absa Rewards. The Absa Rewards programme is simple and easy to use, and that no rewards card needs to be presented when making purchases. In order to qualify for Absa Rewards, you need to be an Absa customer and be registered for Absa Rewards. The programme currently has more than three million members as of December 2015.

There is a R22.50 (which works out to R270 per year) monthly membership fee, however, there is no joining fee. Absa customers can register online, through the bank’s call centre or at an Absa branch.

Absa Rewards members earn cash rewards on all qualifying transactions. There are three ways to earn:

  • Cash rewards from Absa: Members can earn up to one percent cash rewards for qualifying transactions based on their Absa Rewards tier.
  • Cash rewards from rewards partners: Members can earn up to 30% from more than 40 Absa Rewards retail partners, as well as the cash rewards from Absa.
  • Cash rewards at Sasol: Members earn five percent cash rewards when shopping or filling up at Sasol.
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