Absa saving and investing

Saving and investing is important, no doubt about that. This is a fact that most people know and was probably grilled into our heads from a young age. Nothing would be more painful than to be 60 with no savings or investment, or even 40 and there is still nothing in the kitty. It is never too late to save or invest no matter what age one is as long as it’s done to secure a good future, not just for oneself but for loved ones too.

ABSA offers a range of solutions to this regard and ensures that their clientele is well looked after and educated on the best options for their needs. While saving money can be a short-term goal and can be accessed easier with a bit of interest, investing is a bit of a different story. Investing is more long-term and the benefits range from using the investment for retirement, children’s education or even travelling the world.

With ABSA’s savings plans, clients can use Instant Access savings account where their money can be accessed immediately, the Term Deposit to earn higher returns or Notice deposits for special occasions. ABSA’s clients can also prepare for their retirement with the retirement plan, or unit trusts and high net worth investments.

All these plans depend on an individual’s needs and affordability. By saving and investing early, one can ensure that when that rainy day comes, they will not be caught in the flood. So start saving today and have no worries of your child’s university fees, making ends meet after your retirement, or even buying that holiday home in the Maldives.

Take a moment to look at ABSA’s product offerings and make comparisons. With their competitive rates, they are sure to win with their clients and also win over a few new ones.

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