Affordable Loan – Sourcing Finance for Blacklisted Clientele

Affordable Loan – Sourcing Finance for Blacklisted Clientele

Affordable Loan- Sourcing Finance for Blacklisted Clientele

The South African micro lending sector has steadily gained traction in the market for the past few years. Following amendments to the National Credit Act, the lending industry has been characterised by a sharp spike in the number of micro-lenders providing a range of services to South Africans. A 2013 Bankseta report suggests that the number of credit active South Africans stood at 20.1 million in March 2013. These individuals’ financial needs are readily serviced by major lending institutions. Blacklisted individuals are excluded from these privileges, and this often means many of these individuals are left stranded with minimal options to consider for handling their financial woes. An institution that seeks to remedy this situation, through its convenient services is Affordable Loan.
Affordable Loans strives to provide quick, easy, hassle free finance for its clients complemented by friendly, flexible repayment terms. Affordable Loans offers its services to South African citizens, who’ve been employed for 2 months or longer with the same organisation, with a bank account. Individuals under debt review or administration are not eligible for Affordable Loans’ solutions.

The financial institution has developed credible relationships with leading financial brokers who specialise in sourcing finance for clients, especially those who have been blacklisted. Affordable Loans gives clients access to a range of blacklisted loan providers as opposed to approaching them on an individual basis. The service provider recognises the desire many clients have for convenience and addresses this need by facilitating a prosperous relationship with brokers to find the ideal solutions for blacklisted clients.

A monthly service fee of R50 (plus VAT) is charged to clients’ repayment terms.

Affordable Loans can be contacted on 087 940 3073.


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