Jalenca Loans

Jalenca Loans

The micro-finance sector in South Africa is a large and growing sector of the national economy.This sector aims to bring local credit solutions and access to financial services to the masses.With the vast inequality in income distribution between the wealthy and the poor,the micro-finance sector is playing an increasingly important role in the banking sector as it attempts to provide financial services to millions who have previously never had access to finance.One business organisation making a huge contribution in this regard is Jalenca Loans.

Established in 1998 in the northern part of Johannesburg,Jalenca is a registered credit provider that has gone on to open 3 more physical branches and extended its reach nationwide through its online platforms.This firm aims to provide fast cash loans,friendly and reliable service to customers. As a responsible lender,Jalenca ensures that you borrow only what you can afford without over-committing.These Jalenca loans are offered as payday loans,this therefore means repayments are done within a month.

To access the Jalenca credit,there are few easy steps one must follow,The first step is to use the loan calculator on the home page and decide how much you would like to borrow and when you would like to pay it back.You then complete the online application form in an honest manner.The third step is to attach documents to your application,this helps to ensure you don’t borrow more than what you can afford. Documents required in this process include copy of RSA ID,2 months bank statements and the most recent payslip.

The Jalenca office will then contact you within 2 hours,if your application was successful,a loan contract is attached.You are required as a client to sign the contract and fax it back. Once the signed documentation is received,the agreed amount of money is paid into a bank account. Repayments are collected through debit orders on agreed dates.

Jalenca can be contacted on 0114782427.

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