EZI Finance

EZI Finance

If you’re in urgent need of money but don’t have the time to shop around for a loan turn to EZI Finance who makes it easy for you.

EZI Finance helps you find the best loan deal to suit your financial needs. Let EZI Finance do the work for you through their relationship with all major Banks as well as Cash loan and Micro loan institutions. You can apply for either a personal or consolidation loan. Even if you have a low credit score or are listed for bad credit. As long as you’re only under debt mediation and not those under debt review, debt counselling, sequestration, liquidation or administration.

And since loans for low credit scores are very difficult and tricky to obtain as every time you apply, your credit score is affected. Therefore applying with the correct money lender first-up is very important. And this is all the more reason to leave it to EZI Finance.

And what’s even easier is that you can apply for the loan online. Just visit www.ezifinance.co.za and click on “Apply for a loan” and you can do so if you’re a South African citizens with a valid ID. You’re 18-63 years of age, earn more than R3 000 per month and working at your current employer for not less than 6 months. And your salary is paid into your own account, which can be debited for repayments of the loan.

Go for it and apply today because it’s just that easy with EZI Finance.




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