King Cash Loans – An Analysis of the Loan Service

King Cash Loans – An Analysis of the Loan Service

King Cash Loans is a registered credit provider with a wealth of expertise, based on a presence exceeding 60 years in the industry. Providing transparent and reliable services has created its reputable name over the years. King Cash Loans services drive the provision of additional finance to assist individuals during tight financial months. 

King Cash Loans are offered from a minimum of R2000 up to R15 000. This is coupled with comfortable and reasonable repayment periods of 1 to 18 months. Individual creditworthiness is a major factor that determines how much people can borrow. Ultimately, the loan repayment is dependent on individual credibility, the total loan amount and the repayment term. Additionally, monthly statements are sent to clients which indicate transaction history and help clients keep up to date with payments. Individuals who are struggling with numerous debt repayments can also turn to King Cash Loans for assistance. Through its debt consolidation loans, King Cash provides a facility to merge multiple debts into a singular repayment, effectively reducing any additional stress from having to keep up with multiple payments.

No collateral is required for qualification as the loans are unsecured and clients can also benefit from the competitive and affordable interest rates. King Cash Loans provides an inclusive Protection Plan which ensures that the remaining debt is repaid in the unfortunate event of death, dread disease or permanent disability.

To qualify, applicants must have a valid South African I.D, be above the age of 18 years, with an active bank account. They must also be permanently employed and be able to provide a payslip as proof of employment. Self-employed applicants must submit a bank statement showing proof of consistent income.

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