Wonga Loans Calculator

Wonga Loans Calculator

We often see adverts for ‘instant cash loans’ online, but is there really such a thing as an instant cash loan? The short answer is no. Many lenders promise instant cash to their customers but in all cases this is not true. It takes time for them to process the application, analyse loan affordability and arrange bank payments. 

Wonga won’t promise you the world and then not deliver. Their loans are fast and convenient due to their application process being fully online. You don’t need to send them any faxes or make any phone calls – the whole application process can be accessed from start to finish on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How Wonga loans work

Visit the Wonga.com homepage and use the sliders on the Wonga Loans Calculator to work out the cost of your loan before you apply. Wonga wants to be 100% transparent in how we work, which is why this is the first step in the application process. Wonga wants you to understand the exact cost of your loan before you make any kind of commitment.

Different from a payday loan

Wonga is different from other lenders due to the level of flexibility they offer with their cash loans. Wonga offers short term loans as small as R100 for one day up to R8000 for a month, or any combination in between. Wonga offers this degree of flexibility because they want you the user to be in total control of your money and finances and Wonga can help you do that. Most importantly, Wonga will never encourage you to borrow more money than you actually require.

Wonga has a lot to offer

As Wonga does not offer so called ‘instant cash loans’, you can find borrowing and debt advice on the website This is further evidence to support the fact that Wonga believes in responsible lending and encourages responsible borrowing.


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