African Bank Credit Cards – Unique Offers for Different Consumer Needs

African Bank Credit Cards – Unique Offers for Different Consumer Needs

With the added benefit of having started small, African Bank is a South African banking institution that understands individualised credit. It was this consumer-driven outlook that encouraged a move to diversify its services to include credit cards. Tailored to suit your unique client needs, African Bank Credit cards are offered to clients in 4 solutions: Platinum, Gold Visa, Silver Visa and Blue Classic credit card. 

Platinum credit card holders are rewarded with every payment made. This credit card gives clients up to R80 000 in credit- with up to 60 days interest free. The linked savings account allows clients to earn 5% interest per annum on money deposited. The shopping experience is enhanced with a 1.5% reward for all tillpoint transactions. Platinum credit card holders are given a 3.5% interest rebate on the 17.5% interest charged. Crime Injury Insurance and Personal accident insurance are included at no additional cost. Credit life insurance covers death, disability etc at R8000 per family member (up to 4 people.) Cellphone services are also available with this package.

Gold and Silver Credit card holders are also rewarded with free tillpoint purchases and credit life insurance. The Visa logo emblazoned on the Gold and Silver credit cards gives users international acceptance wherever they present the cards. The R46 000 credit limit on the Gold card is packaged with 2 free ATM withdrawals (for the first two.) Similarly, this reward applies to silver credit card holders. This credit card offers clients up to R27 000 in credit. Clients are afforded free SMS notification and are required to present their latest original payslip, identity document, proof of residence and one months’ stamped bank statements reflecting their salary deposit.

Offering credit of up to R20 000, free airtime purchases and credit life insurance, African Bank’s Blue classic credit card is a competitive credit deal. Clients are offered up to 60 days interest free credit and convenience when shopping. Airtime purchases can be done at no charge.

For more on African Bank’s convenient credit, contact 0861 000 555.

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