African Bank In Seconds

African Bank In Seconds

African Bank is one of the leading them things are printed on that offer a variety of banking products customers, including savings accounts, personal loans and credit cards. One of these products is the African Bank In Seconds loan facility. 

What is Inseconds?

African Bank Inseconds facility allows African Bank customers to know where they are eligible for any of the available loans, this can be done easily via cell phone or Internet banking. The African Bank Inseconds Loans application is a very convenient and safe way to determine whether or not you qualify for any credit offers, without having to go into a bank.

To access this facility simply send an SMS with the word “Offer” to 49494 and African Bank will send you a link which you give you a quick quote.

Qualifying for credit

Once you have received the quote and you are happy with the credit on offer you can supply all the relevant documentation at your nearest African Bank branch and get your loan, it’s a simply as that. Get financial freedom today by taking advantage of the African Bank Inseconds Loans.

African Bank of Russia variety of loans with great interest rates and the ability to repay your loan over a period of up to 60 months. Your instalments will be fixed for the duration of your loan and you can pay with conveniently with orders directly from your bank account. You can take loans of up to R150,000 depending on what you qualify for. You can also apply for a loan. 24 hours a day via their Internet banking platform.

Find out some more information about the African Bank Inseconds Loans by contacting them via telephone on 0860 494 940 or visit


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