Busnet Finance – Flexible Loan Solutions For All South Africans

Busnet Finance is a leading financial services provider that offers its services to all South Africans that can afford finance.

What services are provided by Busnet Finance?

Busnet Finance provides personal loans for individuals in need of finance who can afford to make repayments comfortably. These loan solutions are also extended to blacklisted individuals or those with negative credit ratings. Busnet Finance understands that life sometimes becomes financially challenging, and that we may face a couple of financial speedbumps once in a while. Through its loan service, Busnet Finance aims to give individuals a chance to improve their credit rating.Loans are provided from R1000 to R20 000. Individuals can use them for any short to medium term needs they may have. Use the loan to pay off retail credit, for your home renovation needs or to even buy a car.

Applications are easy. Trained Busnet Finance consultants can assist you with the entire process. Busnet Finance strives to provide clients with fast approval time, so they can expect to have the loans in their account in no time at all. The application process with Busnet Finance helps you avoid having to spend hours waiting in long bank queues.

Flexible and affordable repayment plans can be structured to suit individual client needs.

Busnet Finance bases its loan decisions on individual affordability. Once an affordability assessment has been completed and a loan applicant meets all other qualifying criteria, the loan will be approved. Busnet Finance will not lend to you if you are in danger of becoming over-indebted.

Busnet Finance address:

112 Main Street





To contact Busnet Finance, simply call: 011 331 0046

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