Apply for an Edgars Credit Card

Apply for an Edgars Credit Card

Edgars Credit Cards are quality credit facilities that offer clients the convenience of being able to make larger purchases and paying them off over a longer period of time. The card comes with a number of benefits and rewards, offering clients an added incentive to use it.  

Benefits offered by an Edgars Credit Card:

  • You can use the card wherever you see the MasterCard sign. MasterCard cards are accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, so you won’t struggle to make payments.
  • You can access cash at any ATM using this card.
  • Keeping track of your credit card expenses is made easier with the monthly statement sent by Edgars.
  • A budget facility is included with the card and you also get free lost card protection and travel insurance. The budget facility allows you to pay for the credit card expense over a few months.
  • By spending R1000 or more on your first purchase within 3 months, you could qualify for a free Edgars R100 voucher.

How can you apply for an Edgars Credit Card?


Contact the call centre on 0861 201 141 and apply over the phone. This way, you will save money because there are no transport costs involved. You can apply from the comfort of your home or without even having to leave the office.

Send an SMS: 

SMS your Name and Surname and ID Number + Income + Expenses to 34510

A consultant will call you back to let you know of your application status and to request further information.

Visit a branch: 

A simple way to apply would be to visit your nearest Edgars branch and to apply in-store.

What you need to qualify for an Edgars Credit Card:

  • Earn a minimum salary of R4000 per month
  • Have a good credit record
  • Be above the age of 18 years

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