Bayport Personal Loans- Affordable Financial Solutions

Bayport Personal Loans- Affordable Financial Solutions

Bayport Loans has been providing reliable cash solutions since 2004. As a non-bank credit provider, this institution offers loan and insurance products with easy application processes.

Why choose Bayport Personal Loans?

You get access to R150 000 in finance.

You have the benefit of a fixed interest rate throughout the loan term. This way, you can budget better on a monthly basis. Because you will know exactly how much you are liable to pay every month, you can budget better. Your instalments will remain unaffected by fluctuations in the interest rate.

The application process is simple, so you can easily upload the necessary documents. All you need to do is apply, register on the online portal and verify your account. You’ll then be prompted to upload your documents. You can apply from the comfort of your own home or from wherever you are if you’re on the road.

Bayport Personal Loans comes with affordable structured repayments. Loans can be tailored to suit your individual needs and affordability. Repayment terms are offered a period of 84 months, giving you flexibility to repay at a comfortable rate.

Once you’ve been approved for the loan, you’ll have the financial freedom to meet some of your most pressing financial needs. Use the loan to start a small business, to pay off debt or to pay for an emergency bill.

There is no collateral required for the loans, as they are unsecured. You don’t have to worry about putting an asset up as surety for the loan.

This institution believes in responsible credit, so you are assured of quality services, regulated by the NCR. All services offered are in line with the National Credit Act.

Documents required:

  • Latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • Most recent payslip
  • Clear copy of your ID


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