Benefits of New Heights Finance Loans

Benefits of New Heights Finance Loans

New Heights Finance is a specialist of providing bridging finance solutions. The institution gives access to cash, easily and quickly.

What other services are offered by New Heights Finance?

  • Bridging Finance
  • Business Loans (unsecured) R50 000- R1.5 million
  • Property Sold Advance
  • Purchases Order Loans
  • Property Equity Release
  • Personal Loans R5000-R150 000
  • Commercial Property Finance
  • Litigation Funding

If you’re looking for bridging finance, New Heights Finance may be an ideal solution for you.

Essentially, the bridging loan is a short term cash loan that bridging loan lenders advance to you, while you wait for the property to be registered.

More about Bridging Finance from New Heights Finance:

You can apply for this type of finance if you have funds due to you but you need the cash now. Business bridging finance can help you boost cash flow.

It may also help you release equity in your property.

Who is eligible?

Clients that can provide a clearly defined repayment proposal as well as security, which can be used by the lender to recover this loan and interest, should things go wrong.

Benefits of New Heights Finance Loans:

Bridging loans offer easy access to much-needed cash. Life can be unpredictable and expenses continue to pile up even while you’re waiting for funds.

This is where bridging loans can come in most handy.

Qualifying criteria aren’t too stringent.

New Heights Finance Loans are offered at quick turnaround rates, so you don’t have to wait too long to get access to finance.

There is minimal paperwork involved. You don’t have to fill in stacks of paperwork during the application process.

You can also save time and money by completing an online application. This way, you can also apply from wherever you are. Apply from the comfort of your own home.


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